May news from the Palmaccis




Rick and I love picnics. Several times a month, we can be found at a park or the beach—somewhere outside. Normally it’s just a sandwich and chips or fruit. We’re bored with thinking of new lunches-on-the-go, so…



This month we’re having a recipe contest. It’s a very special recipe contest though—one in which you will win absolutely nothing. Wait, not right, you’ll have a hearty thanks from two happy tummies. So people, submit away ( Who knows, we might be able to find some nice prize to send.

The book signing in Cassadega, for sales, was a bust. Sold two books. BUT it’s not always about sales. It was an amazing weekend. We connected spiritually with a number of people in Cassadega. One woman was there for a healing, for cancer they’d just discovered. We spent quite some time talking to the woman’s sister, who came later to ask for links to some sites he’d mentioned. Rick gave her a copy of The Present

A woman and her son were there as visitors. We met at the signing and their emotional needs quickly surfaced. We talked for many hours about life and positivity and health. 

The morning we were leaving, we took our coffee out to the long, covered porch. outside our room. 



One of the employees was leaning against the rail smoking. We ended up chatting for a long time—we were sad to hear he was leaving, moving to buy a horse farm. He and his partner will be missed.

Quote of the Month

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me;

I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” ~ Albert Camus


From May 1-4


 How I Lost a Thousand Pounds, Eating my Way to Better Health
is reduced to $2.99

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Audio production on Voice from the Ashes and A Little Murder is moving along. We’ve received samples and can’t wait till June when they both should be released.

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 Frogs  can't swallow with their eyes open. How does someone research this? Do  they get paid to sit and stare into the frog’s eyes? Do they wait until  the frog’s throat is so full of saliva he keels over? Just wondering