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The Present


Many people in my over-55 community are, to quote one of my neighbors, “Waiting to go.” 

Actually, they called Florida “God’s waiting room.” What! Is that what really happens? I asked around and found out it was. 

After some thought, I realized I had been too. 

This book is about how my life changed when I learned to “live life consciously.” Because, at the age of sixty-two, I learned I didn’t need to lie down and wait for the end to come. It was my choice to go forward…or not. 

So, I went forward…and joined a dating site.

And met someone who changed everything. 

Realize please, this isn’t a dating book. It’s how, through interactions with Rick, spiritual books, and journeys to places like Cassadaga, Florida, I learned about self-healing, and that I could literally change my thoughts, to be a more positive and empowering person. 

That with those changes, life took an entirely new path. How easily things come to you when you learn to let go.

On our honeymoon, we visited Mexico’s Yucatan villages.

And learned that in another life, I just might have been a Mayan. non-fiction books amazon books


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Non-Fiction Books

You Have the Power



Competition  in the fiction market has shot to all-time highs. Gone are the days  where editors accept manuscripts scribbled on restaurant napkins or ones  loaded with typos and spelling mistakes. Whether you're striving toward  submitting to agents, or self-publishing, your manuscript needs to be  in the best possible shape books non-fiction books amazon books

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Solving the Mystery of Online Dating


Almost everyone will find themselves back in the dating world at some point. 

 Whether married and divorced, whether widowed or ending a long-term  relationship—and it doesn’t matter the age—almost everyone will find  themself back in the dating world at some point. The idea of returning  to the dating scene is frightening enough to keep some people from  trying at all. The reasons are many: what family might think, the fear  of getting hurt, being set in our ways, and the one we’ve heard most of  all from older people—not letting someone see what time has done to  their body.  

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But Honey, He Has Purple Hair


 Every parent has stories about their kids’ antics. The kind of stories that result in fall-on-the-floor laughter. The vignettes in this book will appeal to anyone who has had, or is planning to have, children. It’s a compilation of the best of the authors’ child-rearing experiences from topics like toilet training and selective deafness to traveling with our cherubs.But Honey, He Has Purple Hair is written in Erma Bombeck’s tongue-in-cheek style with sometimes differing perspectives from the authors. Sure, raising kids is a challenge. But what’s to stop you from doing it with laughter and enthusiasm? There’s nothing like laughter to take away the sting of a bad situation.


If You Fall off the Horse



Okay, so the divorce is final. 

You’re ready to get back to life. To the dating world. But you haven’t dated since Reagan was president and you have no idea how to begin. 

This book is a step-by-step guide on how-to date again. 

It begins with erasing the fear that keeps you from moving forward. Then continues with chapters on navigating bar scenes, acting quickly on chance meetings, or establishing a relationship with someone you already know. And finally, there’s a chapter on online dating. 

The authors use their humorous back and forth style to give their perspectives on the dating world. 

Fresh from the dating scene, Rick and Cindy’s experiences can often be used as examples of what NOT to do when looking for a mate, or just a long-term friend.

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How I lost 1000 Pounds



The diet industry is one of the biggest in today’s American economy

 All that said, How I Lost a Thousand Pounds Eating My Way to Better Health is not your typical diet book. It is my personal journey, my many years of battling obesity, and how, during the trip, I lost well over a thousand pounds—up and down, up and down. 

Let’s face it folks, dieting has become a national pastime, just like baseball

Sound familiar? Finally I found success. I lost over one hundred pounds and, with the knowledge I’ve developed about eating, it will stay off. Hopefully, my story about all the different methods I tried over the years will help you move to the downward side of the hill.

“Boston Medical Center indicates that approximately 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight lost products.”

The world is in a perpetual search for quick weight loss programs. But, be realistic. How can there be any such thing—outside of chopping the fat from your body? How could you expect the weight to come off overnight? Was it gained with a snap of the fingers? Or the twitch of a nose? 

: “It only takes a weight loss of 5% to bring significant health benefits that may lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes developing.”

The goal should be consistent weight reduction over a period of time. You must be prepared to develop a whole new outlook on food and what it does to your body. non-fiction books amazon books

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How to Make Money Breeding Minature Dachshunds



You CAN make money breeding dogs.

The author did just that with miniature dachshunds for over 16 years. This book will outline everything need from purchasing the original breeding stock, to training, and how often to breed your females.

Financial planning to keep your money where it’s supposed to be. How NOT to become known as a puppy mill. Step by step lessons from the moment the puppies are born until 8 weeks of age when they are ready to go to their new homes. How to make money breeding miniature dachshunds will take you step by step on starting a breeding business. We will teach you to be a successful breeder. You CAN make money breeding dogs. 

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Make Money Breeding Small Dogs



Dogs are family members. They play with our children, keep us warm on cold winter nights, and cuddle when we’re feeling blue. They travel with us or greet us when we arrive home. Everyone is always looking for ways to make a few dollars. Why not make money with your family pet? 

No, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a way to populate-the-world with a million puppies. 

This is simply a responsible way for your household pet to be productive. And who doesn’t like cuddly puppies? Your children will learn how to handle delicate creatures; they will learn responsibility. Most of all they will learn about unconditional love.


How to Resume Your Life


 Losing a loved one, whether from death or divorce, is both physically  and emotionally debilitating. But as people are so fond of saying, life  is short.

It’s time to get back into the world.

This  uplifting and informative book will inspire you to get off the couch and  back into circulation. Authors Rick and Cindy Palmacci have both been  in your position. They dug out from under the quagmire of emotion and  found life…and love. Although this book is geared toward inspiring you  to recover lost hobbies, find new ones, and just get off your keister,  there are also some chapters about finding a new love. To be read, or  skipped over—your choice.

What are you waiting for? To repeat inspirational speaker and self-help guru Wayne Dyer’s words, “Excuses be gone!”